about the art

All art used in this first poster series is of the hand of master artist Pieter Weltevrede. Pieter is the most productive artist associated with Sanatan Society, an international networking organization founded by the students of the late Harish Johari, well-known artist, Tantric scholar and author.

Pieter Weltevrede met Harish Johari in 1977 in Holland, where he became fascinated with the healing and centering power of the ancient Tantric practice of yantra painting. Over time he devoted more and more of his attention to mastering the North Indian iconographic painting techniques. Since 1988 he is traveling to India annually where he deepened his knowledge and friendship with late Harish Johari, and also studied with Johari's art teacher, Master Chandra Bal, and Suresh Johari. His output is prolific and includes all of the Hindu and Buddhist main spiritual art expressions.

The wash painting technique used by Pieter has both watercolor and tempera. The colors of each painting are largely washed off and repainted several times before it is considered done. That creates a very special effect, where the light comes from within the deity or yantra, soft but radiant, magnetic and enlightening.

The meditation on these paintings and yantras of deities is an essential part of Tantric worship and Kundalini Yoga. It enables one to get in contact with the energy patterns associated with the deity through the visual hemisphere of our brain. Such paintings reach beyond the senses into the very essence of our being.

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