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Cosmic Publishing aims at publishing art that enhances cosmic consciousness. We are located in Goa - India. You can order our products for wholesale through our local distributors for the USA, Europe, etc.. . For countries that have no local distributor yet, we ship directly through international companies that work by international standards, with a 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. More details here. For orders from India, click here.

Our first product line consists of a set of 36 quality posters made on 250 gr/m2 paper with the art of Pieter Weltevrede. They are competitively priced and represent a balanced variety of his most popular paintings. Many other interesting products will follow.

Please browse our posters online or download our catalogue.

ATTENTION : we do not sell individual posters through this website. The minimum order size is 24 posters. Some of our local distributors do sell individual posters - check their websites.

Posters :

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Yantra-Mandala Posters